We offer a range of services to help you and your company Shine.

Profile Building

Shine can help you build key relationships and build your profile via one on one meetings, events and media. Services include strategy development, marketing and communications, public relations and event management.

Talent Pool

We have a network of extremely talented executives we can connect you with. Whether you are after advisors, board members, someone to inspire your staff or key staff - we can help you. We have a strong national network and a growing international network of kiwis and others interested in New Zealand.

VIP Hosting

We can help host your key visitors and make key introductions to the right people, organise key events and handle media relations. Our clients have included government officials, executives from Fortune 500 companies, international media, high net worth individuals, researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Expat Roadmap

We offer a roadmap to help you achieve your goal more quickly - whether it's coming back to New Zealand, developing business here, investing or helping local companies. We can help you develop a profile, meet the right people and open up opportunities. We have worked with expats who've subsequently been named World Class New Zealander of the Year, who have secured top executive roles and moved back to New Zealand, who have developed business here and who have secured board and advisory positions. We also work with people with an interest in New Zealand, who are not expats.

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